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   Durbin Technology Solutions (DTS) is a process oriented technology solution provider that began operations in 1996. At DTS, we understand that properly addressing many problems in industry today involves tackling the underlying business processes before beginning to look for technological solutions. This process-first methodology ensures that your company gets the right solution for the correct problem.

   DTS can help your company prepare for the next generation of business. We offer services that can address your needs on three different levels: strategic design, implementation, and training.
Strategic Design: This is probably the most important part of the process, yet the most often overlooked. DTS can help design a quality strategic overview with clearly defined goals and expected project results. This process is also used to confirm that the project or initiative is in line with your company's primary business goals. A failure to align the project and business goals can doom a project before it even begins.
Implementation: DTS can help during all phases of the implementation process. We can aid or step you through the need analysis, product/solution selection, technical setup, and system quality assurance testing. In the end, you will have a solution that is custom designed to fit your company's individual business needs.
Training: While it is important to have user involvement during the entire process, it is absolutely critical that the users feel comfortable with the solution and understand its abilities and limitations. Without complete user buy-in and commitment, no project will live up to its expected results. DTS can help design and implement training programs that address these needs.

   At DTS, we look forward to working with your company to develop solutions that help you address the ever changing needs of your business and customers.


At DTS, we specialize in:

Technology Process Reengineering
Information System Strategic Design
Knowledge Management Systems
Electronic Commerce Solutions
Website Hosting
System Implementation

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