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   Durbin Technology Solutions (DTS) strives to provide services that not only address your technical issues, but also your underlying business processes. Scroll down through the list of services for a detailed description of each service. For other services or information not listed here, please send an e-mail to info@durbintech.com.

Technology or Trend Seminars and Presentations 
      DTS offers a variety of seminars and presentations. Some examples are listed below. Seminars can be customized based on time and desired content to meet the particular needs of your company, association, or industry.
  • Mastering the Transition to the Networked Economy
  • Breaking down the Barriers between Technology and Business in Management
  • Knowledge Management for the Future
  • Distribution in the Digital Age
   This list is intended to give you samples of some prospective topics and past presentations and is not an all-inclusive list. Please contact us for more information. Additionally, depending on the level of customization desired, we can combine topical presentations with company/industry research projects.
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Technology Process Reengineering 
      Business Process Reengineering was the hot topic of the 80’s and early 90’s. A new wave of reengineering (technology process reengineering) is under way due to the shift from a products-based market to an information-based market. In the information-based market, technology is an essential tool that equips employees with the ability to create, use, and modify the information needed to complete their everyday jobs. Many of the processes and functions performed in an organization need to be modified due to the shift from a product focus to an information focus. DTS can help your company develop and implement a plan that prepares your organization and the people within it to compete effectively in this new market.
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Knowledge Management Systems 
      Knowledge management systems (KMS) attempt to use technology to address the problem of institutionalizing individual knowledge. Only recently, with new data warehousing and mining tools, have the dreams of creating a corporate knowledge base become feasible. DTS can help you determine the best method for capturing and storing your organization's individual knowledge and making it available company-wide. In addition to the establishment of the KMS, DTS can train individuals and help them adopt the required paradigm needed to ensure that the system continues to grow and that the information is used in making daily decisions.
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Software Package Selection 
      The software package selection process is critical whenever you are looking to make a change in your current information infrastructure. Besides the basic issues of need analysis, options selection, and compatibility with current systems and data you also need to consider usability factors and system longevity issues. DTS can bring a structured approach to that often-abstract problem. We can perform the need analysis, test for system/data interoperability, look at your usability issues, and make package/configuration recommendations.
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Website Hosting 
      If you're looking to get your company on the Internet, open up a Web storefront, or are simply unhappy with your current Website host provider, then you've come to the right place. DTS offers a variety of service plans and options to meet your hosting/commerce needs. Click here to go to our web hosting section and view a list of our different service plan options. We can also handle your site's transfer and domain name registration changes. If you still have questions after viewing the website or for customized solutions, send an e-mail to hosting@durbintech.com.

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Information System Strategic Design 
      In the past, strategy has played a key part in every facet of the business world (marketing, management, selling, operations, etc…) except information systems (IS). However, given the rapidly changing business environment and increasing customer demands, it is imperative that IS become a pivotal part of everyone’s new business model and strategy. DTS can help design a quality IS strategic overview with clearly defined goals and make recommendations on how IS can be used more effectively to create a competitive advantage in the market place. A failure to align IS with the rest of your organization’s business goals can lead to an ineffective use of resources, a lack of needed information, and ultimately failure in the market. DTS will examine your current IS infrastructure, business processes, customer requirements, market competion, and confirm that the IS goals are in line with your company's primary business goals.
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Electronic Commerce Solutions 
      Electronic commerce (EC) is revolutionizing the functions that organizations perform and the ways they go to market. EC is no longer just a catch phrase, but is becoming the preferred method of doing business. Electronic data interchange, Internet ordering, automated replenishment, and extranets (just to name a few options) are all coming of age and widely accepted and practiced. DTS can help you answer many of the daunting questions you face when beginning an EC project. We can help you define the project scope and goals, perform market analysis, recommend new infrastructures, aid the implementation, and train employees on the new system and paradigm. If you'd like, DTS can also design and host your company's site once the the planning is finished. Click here to view DTS's Web Hosting services. The time to act is now. Remember, your competitors are no longer just down the street. A more inclusive list of service offerings follows below.

  E-Commerce Management Consulting Services
  • E-commerce strategy for entire enterprises
  • Management education
  • Business strategy for individual web businesses
  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Organizational strategy
  • Team selection and recruiting
  • Web business plans
  • Web business marketing strategy and plans
  • Online marketing tactics such as directory and search engine placement
  • Affiliate program strategy and development
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Operations strategy and plans
  • Best practice research and implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring and review
E-Commerce Technology Consulting Services

  • Technology strategy and executable plans
  • Align technology strategy and plans with business strategy and plans
  • Cross-application technology architecture
  • Project Management
  • Analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Technical Architecture
  • High-level Technical Architecture
  • Production of Vendor RFI / RFPs
  • Evaluation of Vendor Proposals and Solutions
Architecture Design
  • Detailed Technical Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Detailed designs
  • Development of Project Deliverables Using the Latest Technology

Maintenance and Enhancements

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Customer/Industry Surveys and Research 
      Feedback and input from customers, other companies, end-users, or employees, is necessary for successful management, decision-making, and increasing profitability. At DTS, we have expertise in developing effective tools that concisely capture data and then statistically analyze it to create the most useful information. In the past, DTS has utilized paper surveys, on-site interviews with different levels of employees and management, on-line surveys, and phone surveys for the collection process. The analysis will look for trends, patterns, and other factors that affect your business environment. Results can be presented in report, on-line, or presentation format.
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System Implementation 
      DTS can help during all phases of the implementation process. We utilize a proven project management methodology that can aid or step you through the need analysis, product/solution selection, technical setup, and system quality assurance testing. In the end, you will have a solution that is custom designed to fit your company's individual business needs.
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      Training has two primary purposes: to dispel fear/anxiety about the unknown and to build proficiency. Prior to the actual training, it is always important to have user involvement during the entire process of any Information Technology (IT) project that will affect them. It is absolutely critical that the users feel comfortable with the solution and understand its abilities and limitations. Without complete user buy-in and commitment, no project will live up to its expected results. Besides making users feel comfortable, training will improve their proficiency so that the technology becomes a tool to help them perform their jobs instead of an adversary holding them back. DTS can help design and implement training programs that address these needs.
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